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Luca Stricagnoli
Thursday, September 26, 2024 | 7:00 pm
Jewett Auditorium, C of I
$16, $21, $31 Adult | $8, $11, $15  Child

Using violin bows, modified capos, unusual tunings, and self-built instruments, Italian musician Luca Stricagnoli is considered to be one of the most unique guitarists in the world. With bookings in every corner of the globe and over 200 million views on youtube, Stricagnoli rose from being a 10-year-old classical prodigy to playing sold-out concerts in prestigious philharmonics, theatres and performing arts centers. His repertoire, performed on double and triple neck guitars he himself designed, includes a blend of popular songs from contemporary rock, film scores and mind-bending originals. 

“Every so often, a musician emerges who, in terms of depth of expression, advances a style so much that the way we listen changes forever. In rock, Derek Trucks comes to mind as an example. Italian guitarist Luca Stricagnoli embodies such a shift. He employs right-hand fretting, altered tunings, and partial capos in the spirit of Preston Reed and Kaki King, yet, like Trucks, he’s playing at a higher level.” – MINOR 7TH