January 22 -27 Session 1
January 26 7:00 pm
January 27 1:00 pm

January 29 – February 3 Session 2
February 2 7:00 pm
February 3 1:00 pm
Caldwell High School
$12/$10 Adult $10/$8 Child

A cantankerous prince, a melancholy jester, and an aspiring chef with no rhythm to speak of learn about the true power of friendship…with a sweet ending. Over 100 local children shine in this magical tale. Bring the whole family for an outing full of smiles and laughter! 


Hot as Summer, Cold as Winter was written for Caldwell Fine Arts as part of their CFA Children’s Theatre Series. Now in its fifth year, they are recapping the play that started it all for another generation of young performers. Students in grades 1 – 12 can audition, and everyone receives a part!


Auditions for BOTH SESSIONS:

Thursday, January 18, 2024
Caldwell High School
(3401 S Indiana Ave, Caldwell )
Grades 1st – 3rd audition at 4:30 pm with interactive games, singing, and/or dancing
Grades 4th – 12th audition from 5:30 – 7:30 with script reading, singing, and/or dancing
Some 4-12th students will be released sooner, but all should be prepared to stay until at least 7:30. Supervision will be available until 7:30 pm. Auditions are closed to parents.

Audition Materials:
Hot as Summer Music
Hot as Summer Sheet Music

Leads (5-12th grades)
Will you be the One? Music
Will you be the One? Sheet Music for JesterSarahHumphrey

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