Postponed due to COVID-19. Details forthcoming.

Sat. April 18, 2020
6:15 Concert Connection and Dinner
7:00 Concert
$10 $15 $25 Adult  $5 $8 $12 Child

Trebelle made its debut in February 2012 with violinist Jennifer Dunn, cellist Heidi Nagel, and pianist Robyn Wells. Combining the Italian words “tre” (three) and “belle” (the plural form of the word beauty), Trebelle performs popular and hidden gems in the piano trio repertoire. This special concert in Jewett Auditorium features works composed entirely by women composers to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Women’s Suffrage.

This concert features popular and hidden gems in the iano trio repertoire composed entirely by women.

“What a beautiful performance! It really touched my heart….thank you so much so sharing!”
Trebelle Concert Attendee