May 4, 2021 is the 60th Anniversary of the first Freedom Rides.
In 1961, Jean Thompson boarded a bus in Alabama with 11 other Freedom Riders bound for New Orleans–and history. Within three months, over 300 other riders took up the mission to desegregate buses. Mobs assaulted many. Others were arrested, shining a light on a brutal, segregated South.
Breach of Peace is a one-man play based on true accounts of participants of the Freedom Rides. Mike Wiley stars in this living monument to the remarkable young men and women of various races, religions and backgrounds who rose to face the dangers of fighting for just and equal treatment for all.
The play is recommended for adults and children in 5th grade and up.

Watch the play on demand May 2 – May 8. **You will need to use the password to access the play**
Password: MWPLTD

Join us for a community discussion May 4 at 7:00 with actor Mike Wiley, Philip Thompson of the Black History Museum, and College of Idaho Professors Maimuna Islam and Diane Raptosh to discuss the freedom rides of 1961, the impact of these events 60 years later, and the issues we still face as a community.

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